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James asks…

Free range kids and our swimming pool?

Our 6 year old does not “play out”. As in he does not go out on the streets to play with the other kids who do that. Trouble is they knock the door now and again. We say no (I don’t want him playing with those kids anyway as their games sometimes involve fighting and bullying each other) and they go away amicably.

Trouble is that we have a swimming pool and have not used it before. Once we do I envision the local free range kids wanting to come round and play in it. Our son doesn’t play with them, but he goes to school with a few of them and knows them.

Whats the best way to handle this? We live in a small village community and I don’t want to cause trouble -but I don’t want our garden full of unsupervised kids.

Yes, but they’re NOT his friends. They’re just roaming free. Just because they are about doesn’t mean they have to be his friends.

Liran answers:

I would call your Home owners insurance agent. Have him send you “requirements” for insuring a home with a pool. Here in the States, pools must have fences around them, lockable gates, and in some cases lockable pool covers.

If you are not around enough to safely supervise children, you should be worried that these children (particularly as they get older) will “visit” your pool uninvited and when you are gone. If that happens, and one is injured or killed, you could be sued out of house and home.

When I lived in Massachusetts, I actually was mandated by my insurance company to have a “certified lifeguard present” when there were more than four (non family members) people in our pool.

The pool finally became to expensive for my budget, and I traded houses for one with no pool.

Sharon asks…

What are great WATER (in pool) games for kids (all/any ages)?

Games may be included in swimming lessons.

Liran answers:

They could play “Find the Warm Spot”. That was a favorite when I was growing up.

Mary asks…

Good Pool Games?

What are some good games to play in the swimming pool… for 2-3 kids ages 8-14? Games besides the normal marco polo, catagories, etc.If you could also give instructions on how to play them, it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Liran answers:

Sharks and minnows-depending on the amount of people playing, you have anywhere from 1-3 “sharks”. They try to tag the “minnows” who swim from one side of the pool to the other. You cant tag them unless they are on top of the water. You can add rules about when you can, or cant tag them. But the main one is you can tag unless they are above the surface.

Here are some ideas about the rules:

Sandra asks…

What are some swimming strategies to get kids used to the pool?

Do you know of any little tricks or games to play with a young child in the pool so they become more comfortable in the water? So they can put their head under too?

Liran answers:

Warm water helps…so do goggles. You can have them practice wearing them on the deck. You can even make up a pretend swim lesson on land.

Have them splash themselves with water from a fountain or even a can. Drip the water on your head, and then on theirs. If that’s too difficult, have them wash their arms and legs first. It helps to be silly and sing made up songs.

If there are steps or a shallow portion of the pool use that first. Let them get comfortable and feel in control. That is very important with kids that are afraid of the water. Tell them you will always be there and won’t let go. Tell them they are safe.

Like any technique it’s a matter of progressions. Take it from where they are and use small steps to get them to where you want them to be. Sometimes you have to use teeny tiny steps, but eventually it will get you there. Once, I had to have a kid put their chin in the water, their cheek, the lower ear, the ear, the lips, the nose…I must have used twenty steps before I was able to get their face in the water.

Also, if they get stuck at a place, then you can just increase the length of time. Make it a challenge: “can you beat the world record of ten seconds with your chin in the water…”

Sometimes I’ve made a joke out of their fears. “Did that hurt worse than a dinosaur stepping on your toes?” after they put their eyes in the water for the first time. I’ve also had success, pointing out to the kids how brave they are. I never ridicule their fears though.

Hope that helps.

Donna asks…

Does anybody know that computer game in which a boy in a swimming pool farts and kills the swimmers above him?

Whats the name of the PC game were your a kid in a swimming pool and u fart?
all i can remember is that u were some kid and you would fart at other people and i believed there were like power ups were u could shoot more farts etc…
i need to find this game it was hilarious!!!

if u can link the game or the name + website

Liran answers:

Sounds like a violent game!

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