Your Questions About Kids Above Ground Pools

Carol asks…

inground vs above ground pool?

i get the impression that a community pool is not a good idea because of all the kids and stuff. now it seems that if i am looking to spend around 300k on a house in the 93312 area code, i can get much more if the place does not have a pool and i can always add an inground pool or an above ground pool in the future. what is the best idea? how do the costs compare between maintenance and energy to run an inground vs. above ground pool?

Liran answers:

Above ground pools generally detract from the value of your home. There are also many problems associated with them, including aesthetics.

Swimming pools can be expensive and time consuming to maintain. Both require extra electricity for pumps to run. Extra insurance and security are also a factor.

My parents owned homes for 15 years with inground pools. I had one for five. I’ll never bother with one again. I know people who have above ground pools, but they also cost more to heat. They’d rather have inground pools.

Good rule of thumb? According to real estate experts, if most of the people in your neighborhood have a pool, you may want to consider one. Otherwise, pass on it. Even a beautiful, inground pool can lower your real estate value if nobody around you owns one.

Robert asks…

keeping a above ground pool clean?

Hi, about two weeks ago we purchased a above ground pool for my kids. It is a pain trying to keep it clean. I shocked it on Monday of this week & it is already turning green. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I keep the filter on during the day & turn it off at night. What do you buy & do to keep your above ground pool clean? Thanks

Liran answers:

If its getting green that quickly you’re probably not keeping enough chlorine in the water. Get a test kit and check the chlorine level daily until you know exactly how much you need to put in every day to keep it right. Or get an automatic chlorinator that feeds chlorine into the water whenever the pump is running.

Donna asks…

Need Help with sisters above ground Pool?

My sister bought a small above ground Pool, but she lives in the Central coast and it is kind of cold here. the size of her pool is a 13′ X 39″ and I cannot seem to find a heater for a pool this size. If anyone has any sugestions as to what we can do please let me know. I am tired of watching her kids want to swim in this pool but can’t because it is to darn cold. PLEASE HELP WE ARE FREEZING HERE 🙁

Liran answers:

For cheap sake try one of those bubble wrap looking pool covers – you would be surprised at how much solar gain you can get from that and it holds the heat in at night.
But just type “above ground pool heater” in your search area and you will get lots of choices. Here is one for starts.

James asks…

Would carpet or cardboard be ok to put under my above ground pool?

I bought a 12 ft Easy Set pool (the one by Intex) for my kids. It will be installed in an area of the yard that has concrete, I know that I’m supposed to use sand, but I think that’s too much trouble for me. I’m thinking of using either used carpet or maybe flattened cardboard boxes. What do you think? Will it work? I’m in Phoenix AZ, and it has been 115 degrees here.

Liran answers:

I would get some play sand. It wont take too much on a concrete slab-just enough to cover a thin layer over it. It wont go anywhere once the pool is full….. Just to insulate the liner from the abrasiveness of the concrete. I would think that carpet or cardboard would be a good place for mildew and bugs after it gets wet from some sloshing in the pool.
Or-maybe just a cheap poly tarp underneath would be enough to protect the liner.

Helen asks…

Can anyone recommend a good pool vacuum :o)?

Looking for a pool vacuum that actually works for the small above ground kids pools . It’s 2 1/2 ft deep 9 ft. wide. skimmers work to get the grass out of the water but I need something that will get the dirt and grass off the bottom of the pool that settles :o) thx!

Liran answers:

Heres a link with about 9 different types of above ground atomatic vacuums at the bottom of page…also on the same site in the “pressure type cleaners” page there are two above ground cleaners of that type also at the bottom of page:

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