Intime Kids Swimming Pool Inflatable Kiddies Outdoor Activities Pool Ocean Balls Play Pool 150cm Blue Pink Green Printed

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Inflatable Swim Pool Kiddies Ocean Ball -Round Baby Bath Tub

Brand: Intime
Model#: YT-318
Name: Inflatable Swim Pool (NO Pump)
Outer Size: 150cm (Dia.)X 45cm(Height)
Inner Size: 130cm (Dia.)X 42cm(Height)
The size is the product mold size, actual size is a littler smaller than the mold size.
Material: PVC (0.35mm)
Color: Blue, Green, Pink
Package included: 1x Pool, 1xRepair Patch


  • The inflatable pool is very easy to set up, no tools needed.
  • Just clean it by yourself and not worried about the dirt from public swimming pool.
  • It is lightweight and collapsible before you inflated.
  • Multifunction: it can work as a baby swimming pool or ocean balls pool pit. (Balls are Not included)
  • More funs for children, they can play at anytime at home.

1. the ocean balls not included
2. the pump not included, if you want one, please go to below link for purchasing:


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Tips for using inflatable swimming pool
1.larger temperature difference between north and south in winter, do not inflated immediately after receipt of goods, wait before proceeding to soften slightly inflated material;
Prevent hypothermia caused due to the material hardens, man-made damage in the external force;
2.It should be noted first inflatable full can reach 8 points, and then later use fully charged, extended product life. Normally
Usually 3-5 days once regular gas-filled;
3.After the first inflatable products, please do not used immediately, the new product needs a buffer process started, two hours left
The right to be full before using the product fully finalized, after it does not matter;
4.The use of the ground level, no sharp objects. When cleaning with a cotton cloth to wipe sticky, soapy water, do not use a hair dryer

Inflatable Pool Notes

1.the number of infant swimming discretion depending on the season, 10-20 minutes / time required for one hour after a meal.
2.Parents should guide or training after doctors at home before the baby swimming.
3.Should take appropriate infant swimming neck ring, the whole process must have someone care.

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