100 Yard 3 Person Water Balloon Launcher

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Specifications • Made with Extremely Durable Latex • Holding Pouch constructed of Quality Nylon and Double Stitched • 150 Biodegradable Water Balloons INCLUDED! • Compact and easy to carry Nylon Carrying Case included FREE! How to Use Keep in mind if being used with small children to watch for safety. Also even though the instructions seem easy there is a small learning curve and will take a bit of practice before achieving incredible distances • Grab some Family and Friends! You need at least 3 people for ENDLESS FUN! • Fill up Water Balloons to about the size of a tennis ball, this will guarantee the balloon will not explode when you let go during launch. *Pro Tip- Once you fill your Balloons leave them in a bucket of water, since Water Balloon Launcher Balloons are constructed to break easier to avoid injuries, this helps prevent them from bursting in the pouch while launching. • Have 2 people grab each end of the launcher, stand about 3ft - 4ft apart, any further and you will not achieve MAXIMUM Distance. • Now it is time to LAUNCH! Take one of your Balloons and place it in the pouch, hold it in with one hand while pulling at a 45 degree angle soon the pouch will form around the Balloon and you will not need to hold it in place. Aim and FIRE! Water balloon launchers are filled with more than just excitement and adventure, they're filled with grade A adrenaline. You'll win every water balloon fight, dominate snowball fights, amaze with distance and accuracy. You will no longer have to worry about reaching your target or watching your balloons explode before their destination. Water balloon launchers are durable, accurate and have monster distance possibilities.


  • Long Distance Water Balloon Launcher
  • 150 Starter Balloons
  • Makes a Big Splash with Friends and Family
  • Nylon Carrying Case